Valparaiso must surely be one of the world´s most interesting cities – it has UNESCO´s seal of approval and is a world heritage site. We take you to our favorite spots of the port city in a fun and interactive tour that is perfect for families, people with additional needs, and history and photography lovers. This trip is also 100% customizable and can be catered to all your needs.

We have carefully selected the best places to ramble, all the most interesting nooks and crannies of the various cerros (hills) and historical downtown area. In the afternoon you have the option of visiting one of its mvarious museums, including Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda´s, former home or the popular Maritime Museum. You may also like to see the city from the city where kids can have a go driving a boat, or visit Viña del Mar to splash in the waves and make your own drone video memento (available on all our tours).

Price: CLP$75,000 per person (mínimum of two passengers)
Includes: One furnicular ride, a bottle of water, video memento
Excludes: Lunch, museum entries and optional gratuities.

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