Airport & Destination Transfers

Airport Transfers


  • From Santiago: CLP$25,000
  • From airport: CLP$28,000

*All transfers between 11pm and 7am are CLP$30,000
*Airport transfers to destinations outside of Santiago are by advance reservation only and are charged apart

Please specify the number of passengers, your luggage requirements, address and your flight number (for airport pickups). We have a bike rack, rear and forward facing child car seats, and booster seats. Please give us prior warning if you have pets. For more details, please check out our ‘Terms and Conditions‘ page.

We accept phone calls between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday; WhatsApp messages are preferred due to the type of information we need.

Phone: 991482832
Whatsapp: +56991482832
Email: [email protected]

Destination Transfers

  • Santiago-Valparaiso: CLP$85,000
  • Santiago-Viña del Mar: CLP$75,000
  • Santiago-Santa Cruz: CLP$110,000
  • Santiago-Cajon del Maipo: CLP$60,000
  • Santiago-Casablanca Valley: CLP$60,000
  • Santiago-Valparaiso/Viña Coast & surroundings: CLP$90,000
  • Santiago-Rancagua: CLP$75,000
  • Santiago-La Parva/Farellones/El Colorado/: CLP$70,000
  • Santiago-Valle Nevado: CLP$75,000
  • Santiago-Portillo: CLP$100,000

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